head heart world

This is number two in my “what’s going on in my friends’ heads” series. On the top is my friend’s statement, the rest is mine.


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2 responses to “head heart world

  1. Your blog is very inspiring! I like the way you use drawings to express complex topics. You inspired me to eventually touch an old book I bought when I was a teenager. I keep carrying it with me wherever I am without using it properly… “Desenhando com o lado direito do cĂ©rebro” from Betty Edwards. Maybe it is time to start trying some sketches again…

    • smalldetailsaboutme

      Hi Ana, thank you! I am happy that you found the drawings inspiring. I love sketching and drawing! I got the impression that we are too conscious about how it looks, are too perfectionist and therefore don’t pick up the pencil. Which really is not necessary. Everyone can sketch!

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