the antidote

Maybe you have already noticed – sometimes I have serious drawing block. In my case it’s not the lack of ideas but a case of thinking I must do a certain thing next which apparently I don’t want to and therefore don’t.
Now I got this really awesome present from a friend:


It’s a book telling me what to draw. When my friend simply picked a random page and told me to start right away, I was close to shocked. Of course I had planned to tackle the book like I usually do – start at the beginning no matter if I liked the exercise or not – forcing myself to do them in the “right” order. Yeah. You can probably guess where that would take me.
Most likely not here:


So here’s my new quest: to follow the “lust principle” and simply pick whichever drawing exercise I feel like. Sounds pretty simple, feels extravagant for me.

Dear reader, bear with me. We’re in this together 😉

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  1. FMo

    Das ist ein ganz großartiges Prinzip!

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