i am you

I was sitting in a super crowded tram yesterday when an elderly, slightly annoying couple entered. Two women sitting next to me promptly exchanged their judgements on them. Hearing that, I had my own judgmental thoughts about those two women, followed by “Why are people so willing to think badly about their neighbors?”. That thought wasn’t even finished when I realized that while I was getting worked up about the behavior of those two women, I was doing the . exact . same . thing . Willingly thinking badly of others, be it that couple or the two women.

How often do we fail to do ourselves what we expect from others? I chose the title “I am you” because this thought will help to humble myself and let me realize that the faults I see in others are my faults also. We are the same and thereby connected. I am you.

This train of thought is not yet finished, actually it keeps getting more complicated. I am not yet ready to express this verbally. But found this rough sketch I made some time ago and thought it well fitting (sorry for the bad quality, I will try to make a better version soon).

vice versa

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  1. FMo

    That is very true.

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