I have this amazing friend who made me this wonderful calendar for the pre-Christmas days:

Here in Germany we call them “Adventskalender”, Advent being the 24 days before Christmas.
It’s a collection of her favorite quotes and each day I am allowed to draw one. And I have decided to turn this into an Adventskalender for her (and you) as well!
So each day I will be posting the quote of the day and the picture/story/comic that came into my mind after reading it.
Here’s yesterday’s quote and drawing (“Without Energy there’s no Synergy” – Willy Meurer)

Advent_Day_4And this is today’s quote:

Tag_5The translation would be:
“Anger isn’t negative. The purpose of anger is to transform negative energy into positive energy.” Andrea Kaltofen
Let’s see what I will make out of that one!

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