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contactyou keep on trying. again and again. until you’re too tired to carry on.

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the power of me too


that was a beautiful moment.


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on kindness


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7. July 2013 · 23:25



“sometimes i feel bound to the limit”

yes – i know the feeling. luckily not so much lately. this is an old drawing. but since the image popped into my mind during several conversations i had lately, i thought i should publish it.

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from me to you

flying_1that friend, whose parents are mad but won’t tell him why.


flying_2that friend, who just broke up and whose heart doesn’t know what to do now.


flying_3that friend, who faced his inner demons bravely – only to realize that the journey had only just begun.


standing_1that friend, who is expecting his first child and sometimes is a little scared.


leavingthat friend, whose father died unexpectedly.


draggingthat friend, who’s recovering from illness and has to learn that things are different now.


sitting_2that friend, who’s following her dream but struggles to make a living from it.


allall of us, facing life each day, drinking the cup it’s handing to us.

thank you M. for the dandelion picture

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mindfuck math

mfmath_1 mfmath_2


* “Das haben die schon ganz ordentlich gemacht, kann ich nicht anders sagen.” oder: “Doch, ich muss schon sagen, das war wirklich sehr nett.” WTF?

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a sort of love

I have recently started to follow the blog of the incredible author Patrick Rothfuss. I love his writing, he is a great storyteller and a magician with words. He wrote a wonderful blog post on Valentine’s Day and one sentence from it hasn’t left my mind ever since:

This is a sort of love, you realize. The negotiation of desires.

This is my story connected to it and a tribute to one of the most lovable but also stupidest cats that ever were, Hermann from Berlin.


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Alice in smalland


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my blog is where my heart is


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10. March 2013 · 17:34

puzzle pieces


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7. March 2013 · 03:18