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splinter and log

splinter and log

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27. July 2014 · 23:01

on sadness


being sad
makes me
see only
sad things

all the way into absurdity

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Adventskalender – Day 6


“Thoughts are Energy.
Energy is imperishable.”
Jean Jacques Delpasse


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inner worlds



I like to imagine

that we all have inner worlds

some are evasive

others aggressive

and some draw your attention

because they carry within themselves

the promise of


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what to do with it


I often get upset when I see certain behaviors

only to realize shortly after that I am doing the exact same thing

as much as I hate those bitter moments of truth they are also great because I can start working on it

and sometimes I even find an answer

I’m just not sure what to do with it

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how i stay sane

howtostaysaneI need to draw to keep my sanity. This thought has been around my head for quite a while. I love drawing. It helps me to focus. clear my mind. finish a thought and release it to fly around the world…

So when I read the caption of this blogpost by Brain Pickings: How to stay sane – I finally sat down and … you see the results.

What do you do?


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into the great wide open



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