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Create a no-code knowledge base for internal and external purposes
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Organize your team knowledge in workspaces and folders. Share, present and create custom portals

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Present Your Knowledge Base in the Most Efficient Way

Use FuseBase Portals to show only the needed information to your viewers and readers. Make it easier for your audience to grasp ideas

Accessibility and Navigation

Your visitors can use any device: no need to install  anything to see your knowledge basе

Advanced analytics

Know what your visitors are looking for and how they interact with your knowledge base portal

Brand Your Knowledge Base

Connect your domain, brand your portal and customize our pre-defined templates to your needs


Get feedback from your visitors, talk to them and help get up to speed with Nimbus chat and comments

Collaborate Your on Knowledge Base with Your Team

Endless opportunities for your content

• Create smart documents with any object you need: text, table, buttons, videos, audios and integrations.

• Grab information from the web with our clipper and save whole pages or relevant bookmarks.

• Record personalized videos or create annotated screenshots to explain complex topics easily.

2000+ Integrations and embeds

Embed anything into your portals. Expand your portals with any engagement, marketing and productivity tools

• Connect your digital assets from Google Drive and other storage systems

• Share your schedule to set up appointment

• Use various analytics tools to learn more about your clients’ behavior

Seamless collaboration and communication

• Real-time editing to grow your knowledge base without impediments.

• Comment not only on text, but also on pictures and videos.

• Chat with your teammates 1-1 or in groups without leaving your knowledge base.

Keep your work organized and secured

• Create dedicated workspaces and portals for different departments/projects/clients

• Manage permissions for your creators and ensure the right people contribute to your knowledge base.

• Decide who can view and customize your portal, fully controlling each stage of the workflow.

Easily Migrate Your Content
from the Old Tools

Import from other services to FuseBase and explore more features for a reasonable price.
Enjoy our all-in-one collaboration tool

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